OmniCann development has been moving along right on schedule! The past week has seen some great progress, and we are beginning to feel the momentum as we continue to get more and more engagement from small cultivators. To top that off, the skies are now clear of wildfire smoke, our friends and neighbors are having a great harvest, and our dev guy seems to have enough cans of yerba.

In terms of features, our harvest waste tools and packages features are live, allowing cultivators to properly report their plant wastes to regulators and create and track their packages. Waste management is very important to regulators as it allows them to capture the amount of biomass that goes to sale vs gets destroyed, giving them data on actual crop yields. Package tracking gives both cultivators and regulators information on the size, strain, and location of packaged product, and allows it to be managed through inventory. These features mirror the function of their counterparts in the Metrc software, but with a simpler interface, allowing faster data entry.

In other news, holy demos! Last week we demo'd to over 25 licenses. For a new company, the demo process is always interesting because it allows us to see where potential customers have trouble with our product, and learn from them what their needs are. Cultivators always have good suggestions and ways to make features more productive, a quality no doubt instilled over years of having to adapt their work to meet regulations. We're definitely loving the engagement and discourse with our customers (a significant number of those demos lead to sales)!

The cleaner the bud, the more waste in the trim tub. Whether pristine or leafy, the government still wants your waste weights. 

Finally, we're on the air! Radio has always been a staple source of info and entertainment in rural cannabis country, from fire updates, to local government meetings, to good tunes to trim to, growers still reliably tune in daily. I remember back even as a kid my parents listening to the local news each day, much of which was cannabis related even in the early 00's. To leverage this, we went down to a local studio and recorded a spot, so as early as next week we will be reaching the ears of thousands of listeners. We hope to spread this campaign to other stations when we can.

Overall, last week was great, and this one promises to be just as good. Thanks for following along, for more info hit us up for a demo on our site.

See you next week!

Images courtesy of Cannabis Tours, Wikimedia Commons, used under Creative Commons