Harvest season has come to Cannabis Country! While harvest is usually hectic, this one has been especially nail-biting, with the one-two punch of Covid-19 and California wildfires threatening small cultivators. Luckily, the legal industry has seen a price jump, consumer brands have established themselves more in the market leading to more reliable connections with their cultivators, and many of the wildfires have been contained.

Our social media is full of proud growers showcasing their beautiful crops, and drying rooms are stacked high. At this time of year, everyone is working their hardest, proving their dedication to the industry. The truth is though, everyone is working a lot harder than they really need to. While regulations and government oversight of the cannabis industry is to some extent necessary, the systems put in place often add excessive amounts of work to the cultivation process, especially around harvest time.

A Pre-Harvest Bud at Mendo Mystic Farms

To legally harvest a crop in California, a cultivator must weigh each plant and its yield before it is packaged. All of these weights must be manually entered into the State-mandated Metrc compliance software, grouped by batch numbers and plant ID tags, and submitted. This process involves painstaking data entry that can be a pain with sticky harvest fingers, followed by breaking your productive flow to wait for Metrc to slowly transact data. Add to this the confusion between what state regulations require vs how Metrc has built their workflow, and you arrive at a perfect storm of confusion, lost productivity, and stress over whether or not your data is up to the state standards.

Every time we talk to cultivators, this mess is one of their main complaints. As a result, we built the harvest portion of our software to speed and simplify this process. First of all, our software interface is faster and cleaner than Metrc, so there's less confusing visual elements that can trip up new users. Secondly, our harvest feature allows you to harvest by plant groups that you've already created in the software, instead of having to individually add them. Third, we've added a bulk harvest feature that further speeds entry and reduces the time spent per plant, in line with the current industry trend of cultivation software using bulk harvest.

Our Harvest interface

Everyone, ourselves included, miss the days when harvest was just harvest, however in our new regulated reality we have to do what growers have been doing for generations: adapt and overcome. We hope that our product will ease that transition and make harvest more enjoyable again.

See you in the garden!

-The OmniCann team