Well, after a year like that, there's definitely a lot of room for improvement! At OmniCann, 2021 holds a lot of potential, as this is the year where we build off the progress we made after our 2020 launch. There's a lot to be done and a lot to look forward to, but what have we accomplished so far? Let's take a look:

We Launched! This is obvious and simple but the first steps are important. We're here to solve problems and this company is how we're going to do that. Take a look at where we started and where we came from to see where it all began.

We went live at the beginning of October. Our initial rollout was centered around the core Metrc track and trace functionality, in order to save our customers time on the basics like planting, harvesting and packaging. We optimized our interface and added tech support to ensure that anyone transitioning to our platform had the smoothest experience possible!

Since that rollout we've gotten over 8000 visitors to our site, on boarded over 500,000 square feet of licensed cultivation, and successfully processed 75,000 pounds of wet weight harvests to Metrc. Our software stability has been flawless and we have not experienced any outages. Our social media and corporate ranking have grown as well, giving us a wider audience! Additionally we hit the airwaves on radio ads and reached thousands through email and phone marketing.

Finally, the biggest achievement of 2020 for us was that we were able to prove our approach was viable. Our support from the community and our customers has really shown us that we are on the right path, and we can tell that we are really on to something here.

And now, for the future!

In the coming year, we aim to dominate the California track and trace industry. We have ambitious plans for expansion, based around offering better value for money than our competition seems willing or interested in doing.

Part of our value proposition is to offer more features. While offering a superior alternative to Metrc is a good place to start, we want to add on features that allow cultivators of different sizes to manage their grows more effectively. Base tier is getting a serious expansion with task management, expense tracking, order and transfer management, trading partner tools, and much more. We will be adding a Pro version of our software very soon that is geared towards larger square footage cultivation. This new tier will have expanded features over Base, allowing more in depth tracking of employees, tasks, and more large-business oriented insights.

These updates are just part of our game plan. We are aiming for expansion as a company as well, with our eyes on investment opportunities, new hires, and more media engagement across the board. As travel becomes an option again, we aim to get out there in person and interact with the community, from conventions to meet and greets. This outreach will be a key component of our growth into different geographic regions of the Cannabis industry- while our heart is in the Emerald Triangle, there are opportunities to help cultivators statewide and beyond.

And like that we've already blown our 2021 budget for low effort memes. 

2020 sucked, but it also was a time of accelerating change and growth in the cannabis industry worldwide. As we move forward, the cannabis community has new financial and social opportunities, as well as challenges with competition, corporate exploitation, equality, and social impact. Bring it on! Let's cultivate more money and make 2021 legendary!

-The OmniCann Team