Welcome to the start of the OmniCann Journey!

After months of business planning, waiting on pandemic-delayed paperwork, business re-planning, and countless Costco pizzas, we are launching what we consider to be our first full release: the .io update! Our Metrc Integrated base cultivation tier is ready to go, just in time for harvest.

The view out our window of the Mendocino County Courthouse, in beautiful downtown Ukiah.

Let’s back up a bit. Sometime around the end of May, our team came together around the shared goal of making a software package to help legal cannabis cultivators with track and trace, as well as manage their farms more easily. And not just more easily, but in a way that actually makes sense. Unlike many of the other companies in this space, we are directly involved in the cannabis industry, with the majority of our team local to the Emerald Triangle. Every time ourselves or our neighbors encountered track and trace cannabi software, it always seemed overpriced, out of touch, or not much of an improvement over the state mandated Metrc software.

These problems are at the heart of our development and corporate philosophy: deliver realistically affordable and high quality cannabis software in a way that is relevant to cultivation culture. Over the past several months we’ve been hammering this philosophy into a business plan and a product, and we’ve got a pretty good idea of what this will look like going forward.

Every startup needs an office to put a mini fridge full of snacks in, and we found ours, a cozy space in downtown Ukiah, California. Appropriately located right next to the Mendocino County courthouse, where decades of groundbreaking cannabis compliance legislation have been proposed and contested. This space has become vital to our progress, allowing us to come together and plan effectively.

So far we have developed our product to a fully functional first-tier Metrc platform, ideal for the small growers who form the backbone of the industry, and the majority of the legal licenses in California. Our initial conversations with cultivators have been fantastic, and it feels good to sell a product that we know is beneficial and doesn't take financial advantage of our customers.

This year's harvest, what it's all about!
This year's harvest, what it's all about!

This is just an introduction to the Omnicann journey so far, as we move onward and upward, we will keep you updated on our development journey, as well as our perspectives on the world of cannabis. In the meantime, feel free to schedule a demo and we can answer your questions.

Wishing you and your crop well this season!

-The OmniCann team